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My print process is hands on, and so, I do not automate anything. I work with you from initial request through to delivery of the finished print. I oversee the careful preparation of every image to optimize it for the print process and media used. In addition, I only work with industry leading print labs. This is all done to ensure a high level of quality, consistency and longevity.


To request a print, please fill out the Print Request Form below. To ensure expedient completion, please include the following information:​

(1)  Name of the image/s you want?

(2)  Desired size/s (see guideline below)?

(3)  Desired print media (see guideline below)?

(4)  Do you need it shipped somewhere, if so, what is the address?

(5)  Do you have a deadline?


Most print requests typically take about 2 weeks to complete before pick-up or shipping. However, I do offer an expedited service if prints are needed sooner. I can also help with simple framing, matting and/or glazing requests. If you have a print size or media preference that is not listed, please include it in the request form below. I am usually able to accommodate most requests.


50% of the total cost of the print/s is charged up front, before production begins, then the remainder is charged once the print/s ship.

Size Guideline

Please note the aspect ratio shown with the print, then use it to look up the common print sizes (dimensions listed in inches).

Media Guideline

There are a multitude of different print processes and print media available, of which, I have detailed a small selection that best suits the artwork. This is based on subjective analysis and personal taste. If you have a different media in mind, I would be happy to accommodate your request.

Photographic Prints

The Medium: Matte photographic paper by Fujicolor. This paper has minimal texture and sheen, while also providing fantastic detail, depth and contrast. It is a great economic print option, but will require framing.

The Process: Digitally controlled lasers are used to expose the photo-sensitive paper to red, green and blue laser light. The paper is then processed using traditional photo-chemicals.

Fine Art Prints

The Medium: Acid-free 100% cotton rag paper by Epson. This paper has a beautiful smooth matte finish, almost no texture at all and no sheen. It also has lovely detail and contrast with an almost painterly look. The paper is of high archival quality (ensuring the print lasts for many years) and so typically costs 2-3 times more than photographic paper and will also require framing.

The Process: High-resolution inkjet printer using archival pigment inks.

Fine Art.PNG
Metal Prints

The Medium: A dye-infused print on a specially coated aluminum sheet. Metal prints are glossy but colors are vibrant and the luminescence is excellent. Metal prints also have the most detail and resolution. Although metal prints are the most expensive option here, they come ready to hang.

The Process: Dye sublimation is used to infuse the image directly into the hard coating of the aluminum.

Metal Print.PNG.png
Print Request Form

Thanks for the Request!

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